RoManSy 15 (2004), Montreal, Canada


In memory of Prof. Bianchi
Alberto Rovetta


Canadian Activities in Intelligent Robotic Systems - An Overview
Jean-Claude Piedboeuf

Planetary Robotics
Alberto Rovetta

Intelligent Mobile Robots: The State of the Art and Perspectives
Hyungsuk Cho

Space Robotics: An overview of MDR's Contribution to the State-of-the-Art
Tim Reedman

Session 1: Space Robotics

On-Orbit Safety Monitoring System - Development and Applications
G. Yang, M. Bondy, P. Jasiobedzki, M. Greenspan and M. Doyon

Strategy and Ground Experiments on Space Flexible Structure Tracking by Multiple Robots on Vibrating Bases
Hiroshi Ueno and Mitsushige Oda

On Configuration Planning for Free-floating Space Robots
Evangelos Papadopoulos and Konstantinos Nanos

Dynamic Simulation of an Underactuated Hand for Space Applications
Mathieu Myrand and Clément M. Gosselin

Session 2: Kinematics and Synthesis

Motion Approximation Using a Stereographic Projection of Study’s Soma Space
Johannes K. Eberharter and Bahram Ravani

Expandable Polyhedral Mechanisms Based on Regular 1-dof Faces
Dany Gagnon-Lachance and Clément M.Gosselin

Type Synthesis of 3-DOF Ttranslational Parallel Manipulators Based on Screw Theory Revisited
Xianwen Kong and Clément M Gosselin

Session 3: Contact Dynamics

Contact Dynamics and Control Strategy Based on Impedance Matching for Robotic Capture of a Non-cooperative Satellite
Kazuya Yoshida, Hiroki Nakanishi, Noriyasu Inaba, Hiroshi Ueno and Mitsushige Oda

Space Robotics Contact Dynamics Investigations and Experiments: ROKVISS
Bernd Schäfer, Bernhard Rebele and André Fenili

Experimental Contact Parameter Estimation Using a 6-DOF Robot
Christian Lange and Yves Gonthier

Session 4: Rolling Robots

Unified Facility for the Development, Integration and Testing of Autonomous Navigation Schemes for Planetary Exploration
Christian Lange, Pierre Allard, Erick Dupuis and Yves Gonthier

Modelling of a Two-Wheeled Mobile Robot Moving on an Uneven Road Profile
Danielle Nasrallah, Jorge Angeles and Hannah Michalska

The Control of Semi-Autonomous Self-Balancing Two-Wheeled Quasiholonomic Mobile Robots
Alessio Salerno and Jorge Angeles

Session 5: Flexible Robotic Systems

Kinematics and Stiffness Analysis for a General 3-PRS Spatial Parallel Mechanism
Yangmin Li , Qingsong Xu

A Procedure for Experimental Evaluation of Cartesian Stiffness Matrix
Giuseppe Carbone and Marco Ceccarelli

Elastic Deformation Degree Index and Elastic Distortional Strain Energy Index of Flexible Robots
Yingchun Liu and Yu Yueqing

Session 6: Kinematic & Dynamic Analyses

The Kinematic Analysis of a Symmetrical Three-Degree-of-Freedom Planar Parallel Manipulator
Damien Chablat and Philippe Wenger

Kinematic Analysis and Workspace Determination of the Inclined PRS Parallel Manipulator
Geoffrey Pond and Juan Carretero

Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of a New Rotational Motion Simulator
Émilie Sabrié, Pascal Dufour and Clément M. Gosselin

Session 7: Walking, Running & Crawling Robots

Realization of Knee Stretch Walking by a New Biped Robot, WABIAN-2 LL
Yu Ogura, Hiroyuki Aikawa, Hun-ok Lim and Atsuo Takanishi

WL-15: Prototype of a Multi-purpose Biped Locomotor with Parallel Mechanism
Yusuke Sugahara, Tatsuro Endo, Takuya Hosobata, Yutaka Mikuriya, Atsuo Takanishi and Hun-Ok Lim

Architectural Issues in Running Machines
Kenneth J. Waldron and J.G. Nichol

Autonomous Walking Robots: Control Systems Realization
Teresa Zielinska

Mathematical Models and Prototypes of Worm-like Motion Systems Using Magnetic Materials
Klaus Zimmermann and Igor Zeidis

Session 8: Design Issues

Kinematic Analysis and Design of Cable-driven Spherical Parallel Mechanisms
Clément M. Gosselin and Jing Wang

Load Cyclic Characteristics of Large-Deflective Hinges in Molded Pantograph Mechanisms with Hinges and Links
Mikio Horie, Daiki Kamiya and Masaru Tomimatsu

Task Based Optimization Method for the Design of Modular Minimally Invasive Surgery Instruments
Damien Sallé, Philippe Bidaud

Session 9: Singularity Analysis

Parallel Manipulator Control While Intersecting Singular Zones
V. Glazunov, A. Kraynev, R. Bykov, G. Rashoyan, and N. Novikova

On the Singular Configurations of the Canadarm2
Scott Nokleby

Mobility and Singularity Analysis of a Selectively Actuated Parallel Mechanism
Yan Jin, I-Ming Chen, Guilin Yang

Session 10: Humanoids & Human Augmentation

Development of Mental Model for Humanoid Robots
Hiroyasu Miwa, Kazuko Itoh, Hideaki Takanobu, Atsuo Takanishi

Mechanical Design and Motion Control of Emotion Expression Humanoid Robot WE-4R
Kazuko Itoh, Hiroyasu Miwa, Hideaki Takanobu, Atsuo Takanishi

Design of a Walking-aid and Sit-to-Stand Transfer Assisting Device for Elderly People
P. Médéric, Viviane Pasqui, F. Plumet and Ph. Bidaud

Teaching-in Force Control of Industrial Robots Used in Medical Applications
László L. Kovács, Tamás Insperger and Gábor Stépán

Unnormalized Quasi-Velocity Control Using Friction Compensation
Przemyslaw Herman and K.Kozlowski

Discrete-Time Control by Nonlinear Online Optimization on Multiple Shrinking Horizons for Underactuated Manipulators
Dirk Weidemann, Norbert Schermz and Bodo Heimann

Vision and Force Based Autonomous Micromanipulation.
Fabien Dionnet, Stéphane Régnier and J.-C. Guinot


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