RoManSy 14 (2002), Udine, Italy


In Memory of Professor Adam Morecki


Virtual Prototyping of the Combined Wheeled and Legged Robot ALDURO
by M. Hiller

From Industrial to Service Robots, an Important Paradigm Shift
by H. Van Brussel

Humanoid Robotics: New Trend in Robot Research and Industry in Japan
by A. Takanishi

CHAPTER I: Mechanics

Contributions to the Modelling of Human Joints
by C. Brisan and M. Hiller

Mathematical Characterization of the Workspace of a 6-DOF Parallel Robot for Reverse Engineering
by E. Castillo-Castaneda, A. Sánchez-Flores and C. López-Cajún

Geometric Errors Versus Calibration in Manipulators with Less that 6 DOF
by R. Di Gregorio and V. Parenti-Castelli

Hamiltonian Formulation of the Constrained Dynamics of a Tendon Driven Parallel Mechanism
by A. Frisoli and M. Bergamasco

Inverse Dynamic Analysis of Parallel Manipulators with 3 or 6 Degrees of Freedom
by T. Geike and J. McPhee

Neighboring Special Configurations of Parallel Manipulators
by V. Glazunov, A. Kraynev, G. Rashoyan, R. Bykov and N. Novikova

Dynamic Equations of Parallel Robots in Minimal Dimensional Parameter-Linear Form
by M. Grotjahn, J. Kuhn, B. Heimann and H. Grendel

Pose, Posture, Formation and Contortion in Kinematic Systems
by J. Rooney and T.K. Tanev

Mises Derivatives of Motors and Motor Tensors
by K. Wohlhart

CHAPTER II: Motion Control

Control of the Omnidirectional Mobile Robot MARGe
by H. Abdellatif, D. Weidemann, A. Michaelsen, M. Grotjahn and B. Heimann

Admittance Model Haptic Interaction for Large Workspace Teleoperation
by F. Antoniazzi, P. Gallina, A. Gasparetto and G. Rosati

A Self-tuning Fuzzy Robotic Force Controller
by R. Bicker, Z. Hu and K. Burn

Configuration Control of a Flexible Micro Robotic Arm for Catheter-type Microrobot
by J. Foret, S. Boudjabbi, A. Ferreira and M. De Mathelin

Design of a PID Controller for a Flexible Five-Bar Closed-Chain Planar Manipulator
by P. Gallina, A. Gasparetto, G. Rosati and A. Rossi

Manipulation of Micro-objects using Adhesion Forces and Dynamical Effects in Unconstrained Environment
by D. Haliyo, S. Regnier and J.C. Guinot

Trajectory Tracking for Robot Manipulator Using Generalized Velocity Components
by P. Herman and K. Kozlowski

Advanced Control of Robot Compliance Tasks Using Hybrid Intelligent Paradigms
by D. Katic and M. Vukobratovic

Digital Force Control in Rehabilitation Robotics
by L.L. Kovács and G. Stépán

Integration of Torque Controlled Arm with Velocity Controlled Base for Mobile Manipulation
by D. Oetomo, M.H. Ang, R. Jamisola and O. Khatib

Computer Control of a Robot for Realization of a Smooth Motion
by S. Panev and M. Fayet

Dynamic Emulation of Space Robot in One-g Environment using Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation
by J.-C. Piedbsuf, F. Aghili, M. Doyon and E. Martin

Path Planning Algorithm Among Obstacles by Considering the Manipulability Index
by F. Valero, V. Mata and F. Rubio

Adaptive Excitation of a Spring Motion of an Object Across Plane Obstacles by J. Viba, I. Tipans, B. Grasmanis and J.-G. Fontaine

How to Apply Hybrid Position/Force Control to Robots Interacting with Dynamic Environment
by M. Vukobratovic, Y. Ekalo and A. Rodic

CHAPTER III: Sensing and Programming

A Catadioptric System for 3D Optical Measurements
by M. Dalla Valle, P. Gallina, A. Rossi and M. Sonego

Integration Policy for Critical Multi-layered Distributed Robotics Applications
by P. Pomiers

A New Single Frame Pose Estimation Device for Robotics: Theory and Simulation Results
by G. Rosati

The Highest End 3D Transmission System For the Remote Control
by K. Tanaka and J. Takeno

Motion Generators in MRROC++ Based Robot Controllers
by C. Zielinski

CHAPTER IV: Synthesis and Design

Development of an Anthropomorphic Talking Robot to Mechanically Produce Human Voices
by K. Nishikawa, A. Imai, T. Ogawara, H. Takanobu, T. Mochi and A. Takanishi

Evolutionary Optimization of Mechanical and Control Design Application to Active Endoscopes
by Ph. Bidaud, F. Chapelle and G. Dumont

Experimental Validation and Tests of Operation Characteristics of a Parallel-Serial Manipulator
by G. Carbone, G. Marini and M. Ceccarelli

Design and Experimentation of Shape Memory Alloy Wire Bundle Actuators
by K. J. De Laurentis, A. Fisch, J. Nikitczuk and C. Mavroidis

3-DOF Planar Positioning-Orientation Mechanisms with Links and Large-Deflective Hinges
by M. Horie, S. Kubo and D. Kamiya

A Family of Novel Orientational 3-DOF Parallel Robots
by M. Karouia and J. M. Hervé

Integrated Design and Analysis of a Novel Schönflies-Motion Generator
by A. Morozov, J. Angeles, L. Al Bassit and D. Basi

Telerobotic Device for Roadway Debris Vacuuming
by A.A. Porterfield, T.R. Mincy, W.A. White, B.R. White and S.A. Velinsky

ROBIAN Hip joint: Analysis, Design & Simulation
by R. Sellaouti, A. Konno and F.B. Ouezdou

Design of Linear Delta Robot: Compromise Between Manipulability and Workspace Size
by M. Stock and K. Miller

On the Dimensional Synthesis of Spatial Four- and Five-Bar Linkage
by L. Yi and T. Leinonen

CHAPTER V: Legged Locomotion

On the Turning of Walking Machines with Moving Propellers Made on the Basis of Cycled Mechanisms
by E.S. Briskin, V.V. Chernyshev , A.V. Maloletov , A.V. Teldekov and V.V. Zhoga

Gait Generation and Mechatronic Design of Planar Walker by I-Ming Chen and S. H. Yeo

Design and Realization of Jogging Johnnie
by M. Gienger, K. Löffler and F. Pfeiffer

Four Dof TORSO Dynamic Effects on Biped Walking Gait
by B. Mohamed, F. Gravez, O. Bruneau and F.B. Ouezdou

Inverse Dynamics Power Saving Control of Walking Machines
by S. Gruber and W. Schiehlen

Stabilization Walking Control for Human-like Biped Robots
by Hun-ok Lim, Y. Sugahara and A. Takanishi

The Significance of Leg Mass in Modeling Quadrupedal Running Gaits
by J. Schmiedeler, R. Siston, and K. Waldron

Using the Head to Stabilize a Quadrupedal Walker
by J. Villanova, P. Neveu and J-P. Gasc

Analysis of Quadruped LAVA Features: Speed, Energy Efficiency and Selected Motion Abilities
by T. Zielinska

Mathematical Model of Worm-like Motion Systems with Finite and Infinite Degree of Freedom
by K. Zimmermann, I. Zeidis and J. Steigenberger

CHAPTER VI: Biomechanical Aspects

Human-like Head Robot WE-3RV for Emotional Human-Robot Interaction
by H. Miwa, H. Takanobu and A. Takanishi

Force and Position Control of a SMA Actuated Endoscope
by V. de Sars, J. Szewczyk and Ph. Bidaud

Human Symbiotic Humanoid Robot with Whole-body Compliance
by H. Iwata, T. Morita and S. Sugano

Patient Simulator for Mouth Opening and Closing Training
by H. Takanobu, K. Nakamura, A. Takanishi, K. Ohtsuki, M. Ohnishi and A. Okino

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