RoManSy 13 (2000), Zakopane, Poland

The Theoretical Basis for the Mechanical Aspects of Robot Design
by B. Roth

New Frontiers in Robotics
by M. Vukobratovic

CHAPTER I: Mechanics

Coordination of Parallel Arrays of Binary Actuators
by P.-H. Yang and K.J. Waldron

A Formal-Numerical Approach to Determine the Accuracy of a Parallel Robot in a 6D Workspace
by J-P. Merlet

Symbolic Calculation of Robot’s Base Reaction-Force/Torque Equations with Minimal Parameter Set
by M. Grotjahn and B. Heimann

Mechanics of the New UWA Robot
by K. Miller

On Kinematic Singularities of Nonholonomic Robotic Systems
by K. Tchon

Experimental Determination of Robot Workspace by Means of CATRASYS (Cassino Tracking System)
by M. Ceccarelli, E. Ottaviano, and M. Toti

A Pantograph Mechanism with Large-Deflective Hinges for Miniature Surface Mount Systems
by M. Horie, T. Uchida, and D. Kamiya

Adaptive l - Tracking for Rigid Manipulators
by A. Mazur and C. Schmidt

Mobility Analysis of the 3-PSP Mechanism
by R. Di Gregorio and V. Parenti-Castelli

Detaching and Grasping Strategy Inspired by Human Behavior
by M. Kaneko, T. Shirai, and T. Tsuji

Cross-Country Capabilities of a Walking Robot: Geometrical, Kinematic and Dynamic Investigation
by V.E. Pavlovsky and A.K. Platonov

Optimization of Robot Gripper Parameters Using Genetic Algorithms
by S. Krenich and A. Osyczka

Design of Spatial Fixed-Sequence Manipulator for Precise and Approximate Reproduction of Gripper Predetermined Positions
by V. Arakelian and M. Dahan

CHAPTER II:  Control of Motion

A Powered-Caster Holonomic Robotic Vehicle for Mobile Manipulation Tasks
by R. Holmberg and O. Khatib

Motion Coordination and Hybrid Position/Force Control of a Mobile Micromanipulator Actuated by Direct–Drive Vibromechanisms
by A. Ferreira and P. Minotti

Coordination Control of a Human/Manipulator System
by J.H. Chung and S.A. Velinsky

Stability of Cooperating Manipulators with Symmetric Position/Force Control and Time Delay
by A. Schneider, I. Zeidis, and K. Zimmermann

Remote Control of Periodic Robot Motion
by T. Insperger and G. Stépán

Dynamic Control of Multiple Joint Manipulators Interacting with Dynamic Environment
by A. Tuneski and M. Vukobratovic

A Comparison between PD-Controls in Terms of Normalized and Unnormalized Quasi-Velocities
by K. Kozlowski and P. Herman

CHAPTER III: Synthesis and Design

The Modular Design of a Long-Reach, 11-Axis Manipulator
by J. Angeles, A. Morozov, L. Slutski, O. Navarro, and L. Jabre

Structure Synthesis of Parallel Manipulators
by V. Glazunov, A. Kraynev, G. Rashoyan, A. Trifonova, and M. Esina

Design of Manipulators Under Dynamic and Kinematic Performances
by S. Guerry and F.B. Ouezdou

Influence of Leg Flexibilities on the Trajectory Planning of a 3-DOF Spherical Parallel Manipulator
by J. Knapczyk and G. Tora

Study on the Specific Characteristics of Various Actuators
by T. Hayashi

Micro-Manipulation and Adhesion Forces
by D.S. Haliyo, Y. Rollot, S. Regnier, and J.C. Guinot

Universal Dental Robot — 6-DOF Mouth Opening and Closing Training Robot WY-5
by H. Takanobu, T. Maruyama, A. Takanishi, K. Ohtsuki, and M. Ohnishi

Development of the Design of POLYCRANK Manipulator Without Joint Limits
by K. Nazarczuk, K. Mianowski and S. Luszczak

CHAPTER IV: Legged Locomotion

Emotion-based Walking for a Biped Humanoid Robot
by Hun-ok Lim, A. Ishii, and A. Takanishi

Design and Control of the Humanoid Robot ARMAR
by K. Berns, T. Asfour, and R. Dillmann

On Dynamics of Movement of Walking Machines with Gears Made on the Basis CycleMechanisms of Walking
by E.S. Briskin, V.V. Chernyshev, A.V. Maloletov, and S.V. Sherstobitov

Development of Walking Machines: Novel Leg Drive Design and Control
by T. Zieli n ska and J. Heng

Autonomous Locomotion of Walking Machines in Rough Terrain
by M. Frik, A. Buschmann, M. Guddat, M. Karatas, and D.C. Losch

Design and Control of a Biped Robot
by K. Löffler, M. Gienger, and F. Pfeiffer

Six Link Mechanisms for the Legs of Walking Machines
by A.P. Bessonov, N.V. Umnov, V.V. Korenovsky, E.E. Silvestrov, and S.V. Khoborkov

Design, Analysis and Measurements Problems of Mili–Walking Machines Using Multi–Body System Formulation
by J. Fraczek and A. Morecki

Modeling, Simulation and Nonlinear Control of a Combined Legged and Wheeled Vehicle
by J. Müler and M. Hiller

A New Local Path Planner for a Nonholonomic Wheeled Mobile Robot in Cluttered Environments
by G. Ramirez and S. Zeghloul

Three-Dimensional Simulation of Walk of Anthropomorphic Biped
by F. Gravez, O. Bruneau, and F.B. Ouezdou

CHAPTER V: Sensing and Machine Intelligence

Cooperative Micro Object Handling by Dual Micromanipulators Under Vision Control
by A. Ferreira and S. Hirai

A Comparative Study of Torque Control Using a Wrist or a Base Force/Torque Sensor
by F. Geffard, C. Andriot, and G. Morel

CHAPTER VI: Applications

Quality Feature Based Adjustment of Robot Programs Exemplified for the Welding Process – MAGROB
by R.D. Schraft, J. Neugebauer, and W. Schaaf

Application of the RNT Robot to Milling and Polishing
by K. Mianowski, K. Nazarczuk, M. Wojtyra, W. Szynkiewicz, C. Zielinski, and A. Wozniak

Path Planning in Complex Environments for Industrial Robots with Additional Degrees of Freedom
by F. Valero, V. Mata, and M. Ceccarelli

Robotic Deburring Using a Fuzzy Force Controller
by R. Bicker and K. Burn

A Distributed SMA Actuator System and Associated Self-Guiding Control Strategy for a Scalable Endoscope Steering Device
by Ph. Bidaud, J. Szewczyk, N. Troisfontaine, and J.-C. Guinot

CHAPTER VII: Biomechanical Aspects

Low Energy Biped Locomotion
by S. Gruber and W. Schiehlen

Jumping Motion of an Object Controlled by a Muscle Contraction
by J. Viba, I. Tipans, O. Kononova, and J.-G. Fontaine

Inverse Simulation Study of Trampoline-Performed Somersaults
by W. Blajer and A. Czaplicki

Functional Biomechanics of Human Grasping and Sensory Requirements for Simple Robotic End-Effectors
by R.B. Addis and B. Ravani

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