RoManSy 12 (1998), Paris, France

Recent Trends in Robot Design
by S. Hirose

Computer Aided Teleoperation Recent Trends: the CEA Approaches in Mechanics, Control and Supervision for Maintenance and Dismantling of Nuclear Plants
by R. Fournier, J.M. Alexandre, R. Cammoun, Ph. Desbats, Ph. Gravez, F. Littmann, and A. Micaelli

CHAPTER I: Mechanics

Experimental Tests of Redundancy-Resolution Algorithms
by N. Arenson, J. Angeles, and L. Slutski

Separation of Friction and Rigid Body Identification for an Industrial Robot
by M. Daemi and B. Heimann

A Normal Form of Redundant Singular Kinematics of Robotic Manipulators
by K. Tchon

Experimental Tests and Computer Simulation of the Mechanical Structure of Elastic Manipulator for the Bulk Material Transportation
by R. Cieslak and A. Morecki

Moveability and Collision Analysis for Fully-Parallel Manipulators
by D. Chablat and Ph. Wenger

Geometric Characterization of Velocity Distribution in Manipulators
by A. Ghosal and B. Ravani

ECLIPSE: An Overactuated Parallel Mechanism for Rapid Machining
by R. J. Ryu, J. Kim, J. Hwang, C. Park, J. Kim, and F.C. Park

Elastokinematic Analysis of the 6-5 IN-Parallel Mechanism with Translational Springs Supporting the Platform
by J. Knapczyk and S. Dzierzek

Analysis and Simulation of a Rocker-Bogie Exploration Rover
by H. Hacot, S. Dubowsky, and Ph. Bidaud

Inertia Wrench Calculation Using Lie Groups: Application to Manipulation of Rigid Objects
by D.P. Chevallier and S. Payandeh

Micro-Robotics: A Dynamical Model of Micromanipulation by Adhesion
by Y. Rollot, S. Regnier and J.C. Guinot

Applications of Noncommutative Harmonic Analysis in Robotics
by A.B. Kyatkin, and G.S. Chirikjian

CHAPTER II: Motion Control

Unified Motion and Force Control for Redundant Large Scale Manipulators
by A. Komainda, M. Schneider and M. Hiller

A Novel Approach to Force Control Using Neuro-Fuzzy Techniques
by K. Bum and R. Bicker

A Six Degrees of Freedom Robot Controlled by Four Motors Only
by M. Fayet, S. Greffe, and M. Betemps

Hand-Arm Co-operated Motion Control to a Desired Grasp
by A.E. Samuel and S.R. Lucas

Multicriteria Navigation of Mobile Robots by Evolutionary Algorithms
by J. Balicki and Z. Kitowski

Modelling and Control of a Four-Bar Linkage and Scissors Mechanisms with a Hydraulic Servo Cylinder
by K. Nevala, M. Kanniainen, and T. Leinonen

A Passive Approach for Redundant Teleoperated Arm Control
by L. Royer, C. Andriot, C. Bidard, and A. Micaelli

Calculation of Collisions in Connected Bodies Systems to Generate the Start-Stop Motion
by E. Lavendelis, J. Viba, B. Grasmanis, and J. Fontaine

CHAPTER III: Sensing and Programming

The Hip-Point Measurement Subspaces of Parallel Manipulators under Joint-Sensor Redundancy
by L. Baron and J. Angeles

A Reusable Operational Software Architecture for Advanced Robotics
by Ch. Kapoor and D. Tesar

Integrating Force and Vision Feedback Control in Teleoperated Manipulation
by G. Morel, S. Boudet, G. Mauvilet, R. Mezzadri, and J. Pot

CHAPTER IV: Synthesis and Design

The Synthesis of a New Generation of Robot Hands
by C.R. Tischler and A.E. Samuel

The L.M.S. Mechanical Hand: Design and Control
by J.P. Gazeau, M. Arsicault, and J.P. Lallemand

A Manipulator Design Method for Human-Robot Symbiosis
by T. Morita and S. Sugano

Kinematic Design of Manipulators
by S. Guerry, S. Regnier, and F.B. Ouezdou

Dextrous Fully Parallel Manipulator with Six Degrees of Freedom
by K. Mianowski

Determination of 6D-Workspaces of a Gough-Type 6 D.O.F. Parallel Manipulator
by J.-P. Merlet

A Force-Closure Measure for Grasps under Distributed Impedance Control
by J. Szewczyk and Ph. Bidaud

The Effects of Actuation Schemes on the Dynamic Performance of Serial Manipulators
by R. Matone and B. Roth

The Optimum Quality Index for a Redundant 4-4 In-Parallel Manipulator
by Y. Zhang and J. Duffy

Modular Redundant Manipulator Design for Dynamic Performance
by A. Bowling and O. Khatib

Long Reach Robotic Manipulator for Advanced Highway Maintenance and Construction Equipment
by X. Feng, T.L. Baker, and S.A. Velinsky

Polycrank - Fast Robot without Joint Limits
by K. Nazarczuk and K. Mianowski

Geometric Design of Wheeled Vehicles with Slip-Free Motion Capability on Uneven Ground
by B.J. Choi and S.V. Sreenivasan

CHAPTER V: Applications

Study on State to State Control of an Articulated Robot –Concept and Development of Practical Control System
by S. Aoyagi, T. Jinno, and M. Takano

A Hybrid Manipulator Structure for Laser Machining
by H.K. Tonshoff H. Grendel, and A. Schmidt

CHAPTER VI: Legged Locomotion

Design of Galloping Machines
by J.P. Schmiedeler and K.J. Waldron

DSTBip: Dynamic Simulation Tool for Biped Robots
by O. Bruneau, F.B. Ouezdou, and J.C. Guinot

Spatial Balancing of Biped Walking Machines
by S. Gruber and W. Schiehlen

Development of a Bipedal Humanoid Robot “WABIAN” –Control Method of Whole Body Cooperative Dynamic Biped Walking Compensating for Three-Axis Moment by Trunk Motion
by J. Yamaguchi, S. Inoue, and A. Takanishi

Effect of Feet Size and Head on the Reference Trajectory for a Quadruped
by B. Perrin and C. Chevallereau

Applicability of Human Gait Patterns to Biped Gait Control –Computer Simulation
by M. Wojtyra

Geometry, Kinematics and Dynamics of Six-Legged Miliwalking Machine (HERMES II) Combine with Minimanipulator
by J. Fraczek, A. Morecki, and R. Cieslak

Methodology for Control of a Legged Robot with Fast Dynamics
by N. Manamani, N.K. M’Sirdi, and N. Nadjar-Gauthier

Design and Control of a Robot with One Articulated Leg for Locomotion on Irregular Terrain
by H. De Man, D. Lefeber, and J. Verrneulen

CHAPTER VII: Biomechanical Aspects

Dental Robotics - Mouth Opening and Closing Training Robot
by H. Takanobu, A. Takanishi, K. Ohtsuki, and M. Ohnishi

Damping of Prosthesis Motions by Soft Parts - A Biomechanical Analogy
by A. Volle and W. Schiehlen

Robotic Balancing Using Artificial Labyrinth
by G. Stepan and L.E. Kollar

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