RoManSy 11 (1996), Udine, Italy

Mobile Manipulator Systems
by O. Khatib

CHAPTER I: Mechanics - I

Towards Reducing Thruster-Flexibility Interactions in Space Robots
by E. Martin, E. Papadopoulos, and J. Angeles

Modeling and Optimization of the Tube-Crawling Robot
by F.L. Chernousko and N.N. Bolotnik

An Investigation of a Quality Index for the Stability of In-Parallel Planar Platform Devices
by J. Lee, J. Duffy, and M. Keler

Workspaces of Planar Parallel Manipulators
by J.-P. Merlet, C.M Gosselin, and N. Mouly

Nonlinear Control of a Parallel Robot Including Motor Dynamics
by L. Beji, A. Abichou, P. Joli, and M. Pascal

An Inverse Force Analysis of the Spherical 3-DOF Parallel Manipulator with Three Linear Actuators Considered as Spring System
by J. Knapczyk and G. Tora

CHAPTER II: Mechanics - II

Experimental Research of Dynamics of an Elephant Trunk Type Elastic Manipulator
by R. Cieslak and A. Morecki

Vibration Suppressing for Hydraulically Driven Large Redundant Manipulators
by M. Schneider and M. Hiller

Nonlinear Dynamics of Computer Controlled Machines
by G. Stepan, E. Enikov, and T. Miller

Identification and Compensation of Gear Friction for Modeling of Robots
by M. Daemi and B. Heimann

CHAPTER III: Synthesis and Design

Designing Manipulators for Both Kinematic and Dynamic Isotropic Properties
by R. Matone and B.Roth

Group Theoretical Synthesis of Binary Manipulators
by G.S. Chirikjian

Distributed Kinematic Design from Task Specification
by S. Regnier, F.B. Ouezdou, and P. Bidaud

Optimal Design of a Shape Memory Alloy Actuator for Microgrippers
by N. Troisfontaine and Ph. Bidaud

CHAPTER IV: Walking Machines and Mobile Robots - I

On Direct-Search Optimization of Biped Walking
by P. Kiriazov and W. Schiehlen

Development of a Biped Walking Robot Adapting to the Real World - ReaIization of Dynamic Biped Walking Adapting to the Humans’ Living Floor
by J. Yamaguchi and A. Takanishi

Simulation of an Anthropomorphic Running Robot (Using the Multibody Code MECHANICA Motion)
by H. De Man, D. Lefeber, J. Vermeulen, and B. Verrelst

Gait Control Method of Robot and Biological Systems by Use of HOJO-Brain
by Y. Sankai

Gait Rhythm Generators of a Two Legged Walking Machine
by T. Zielinska

CHAPTER V: Walking Machines and Mobile Robots - II

Development of a Mechanical Simulation of Human Walking
by K. Kedzior, A. Morecki, M. Wojtyra, T. Zagrajek, T. Zielinska, A. Goswami, M. Waldron, and K Waldron

Mechanical Design of an Anthropomorphic Electropneumatic Walking Robot
by G. Figliolini and M. Ceccarelli

Energetic Analysis of Three Classical Structures of Walking Robots Leg
by O. Bruneau and F.Ben Ouezdou

Dynamic Control of Wheeled Mobile Robot Using Sliding Mode
by P. Ruaux, G. Bourdon, and S. Delaplace

Simulation Study of a Group-Behavior of Micro-Robots on the Model of Insect’s Behavior
by K. Matsushima, Y. Hayashibara, and K. Nakamoto

CHAPTER VI: Walking Machines and Mobile Robots - III

Active Coordination of Robotic Terrain-Adaptive Wheeled Vehicles for Power Minimization
by S.C. Venkataraman, S.V. Sreenivasan, and K.J. Waldron

Pulse Width Modulated Control for the Dynamic Tracking of Wheeled Mobile Robots
by X. Feng and S.A. Velinsky

Manoeuvre Analysis of Multilegged Walking Robots with Dynamic Constraints Between Leg Propulsors
by A.P. Bessonov, K.S. Tolmachov, and N.V. Umnov

CHAPTER VIb: Biomechanical Aspects of Robots and Manipulators

Biomechanical Aspect of a Mastication Robot
by H. Takanobu and A. Takanishi

A Strategy for the Finger-Arm Coordinated Motion -- Analysis of Human Motion in Violin Playing
by K. Shibuya and S. Sugano

CHAPTER VII:  Control of Motion - I

High Performance Control of Manipulators Using Base Force/Torque Sensing
by G. Morel and S. Dubowsky

Control of a Redundant Scara Robot in the Presence of Obstacles
by W. Risse and M. Hiller

Experiments of Kinematic Control on a Two-Robot System
by F. Caccavale, P. Chiacchio, S. Chiaverini, and B. Siciliano

Optimal Path Planning for Moving Objects
by K. Lasinski, M. Galicki, and P. Gawlowicz

Stiffness Control of an Object Grasped by a Multifingered Hand
by K. Tanie, H. Maekawa, and Y. Nakamura

CHAPTER VIII:  Control of Motion - II

Practical Stabilisation of Robots Interacting with Dynamic Environment by Decentralised Control
by D. Stokic and M. Vukobratovic

Control of Redundant Robots at Singularities in Degenerate Directions
E. Malis, L. Morin, and S. Boudet

Application of Neural Networks for Control of Robot Manipulators-Simulation and Implementation
by T. Uhl, M. Szymkat, T. Bojko, Z. Korendo, and J. Rod

CHAPTER IX:  Control of Motion - III

Active Force Control of Pneumatic Actuators
by H. Busch and J. Hewit

Using Backpropagation Algorithm for Neural Adaptive Control: Experimental Validation on an Industrial Mobile Robot
by P. Henaff and S. Delaplace

Hopfield’s Artificial Neural Networks in Multiobjective Optimization Problems of Resource Allocations Control
by J. Balicki and Z. Kitowski

CHAPTER X: Sensing and Machine Intelligence

Type Synthesis of Contact Sensing Elements for Robotic Fixturing
by W.W. Nederbragt and B. Ravani

Object-Oriented Approach to Programming a Robot System
by C. Zielinski

Contact Tasks Realization by Sensing Contact Forces
by B. Borovac, L. Nagy, and M. Sabli.

CHAPTER XI: Applications and Performance Evaluation

Application of Force Control in Telerobotics
by R. Bicker, D. Glennie, and Ow Sin Ming

Development and Application of the TELBOT System - A New Tele Robot System
by W. Walischmiller and H.-Y Lee

A Decision-Making System for the Initial Stage Implementation of Assembly Strategies
by C.J. Tsaprounis, N.A. Aspragathos, and A. Denstoras

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