RoManSy 10 (1994), Gdansk, Poland

Past, Present and Future
by A. Morecki

CHAPTER I: Mechanics - I

Position Analysis of the Rhombic Assur Group
by K. Wohlhart

A New Method for the Inverse Kinematics
by S. Regnier, C. Vougny, F. Ben Ouezdou, and D. Duhaut

An Algebraic Formulation for the Workspace Determination of General 4R Manipulators
by M. Ceccarelli

Discrete Calculation of Set Points in Mechanism Motion Control
by K. Nevala and T. Leinonen

CHAPTER II: Mechanics - II

Analysis of the Acceleration Characteristics of Manipulators
by A. Bowling and O. Khatib

Dynamics of Elastic Robot Arms with Varying Length –Systematic Modelling, Simulation and Control
by D. Soffker

CHAPTER III: Mechanics - III

An Application of the Rigid Finite Element Method to Modelling of Flexible Structures
by E. Wittbrodt and S. Wojciech

Sensitivity Analysis of Multibody Systems A New Approach Based on the Concept of Global Inertia
by F. Pfister, M. Fayet, and A. Jutard

Singularity Analysis of Spherical Parallel Manipulators
by H.R.M. Daniali, P.J. Zsombor-Murray, and J. Angeles

Dynamics of Evolving Systems
by A. Barraco and B. Cuny

CHAPTER IV:  Control of Motion - I

Anthropomorphic Telemanipulation System in Terminus Control Mode
by B.M. Jau, M.A. Lewis, and AK. Bejczy

Path Planning of Redundant Manipulator and Determination of its Configuration on Bending Elastic Plate Spring
by R. Katoh, T. Fujimoto, and T. Yamashita

Redundancy Resolution for Two Cooperative Spatial Manipulators with a Sliding Contact
by P. Chiacchio, S. Chiaverini, and B. Siciliano

Compliance Control of Direct Drive Manipulator Using Ultrasonic Motor
by A. Kato, N. Kondo, H. Narita, K. Ito, and Z.W. Luo

Optimal Efficiency of a Robot Environment Interaction Task in a Matching Impedance Approach
by G.A. Ombede, J.P. Simon, M. Betemps, and A. Jutard

CHAPTER V:  Control of Motion - II

Modelling and Control of Constrained Robots
by K.A. Tahboub and P.C. Muller

Impedance Control of an Industrial Manipulator in a Dual Arm Assembly Cell
by G. Morel and Ph. Bidaud

Modelling and Control Synthesis of Flexible Multibody Systems
by J. Haug and W. Schiehlen

Contribution to the Position/Force Control of a Robot Interacting with Dynamic Environment in Cartesian Space
by M. Vukobratovic and R. Stojic

Inverse Dynamics Approach for Invariant Control of Constrained Robots
by K.P. Jankowski and H.A. ElMaraghy

Simulation Experiments with Fuzzy Logic-Based Robot Control
by M. Vukobratovic and B. Karan

Application of Neural Nets for Control of Robotic Manipulators
by T. Uhl and M. Szymkat

A Structure and Principle of Operation of the Adaptive Control System of the Underwater Vehicle Motion
by Z. Kitowski and J. Garus

Parallel Computation and Control Method for Dynamic Motion Control of Robot by Utilizing Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
by Y. Sankai

CHAPTER VI: Synthesis and Design - I

Analysis and Design of Position/Orientation Decoupled Parallel Manipulators
by S.P. Patarinski and M. Uchiyama

Parallel Manipulators with Controlled Compliance
by D. Chakarov

A Multiobjective Optimisation Approach to Robot Kinematic Design
by A.P. Pashkevich and D.E. Khmel

Development of Robotic Surgical Instruments
by Y. Louhisalmi and T. Leinonen

Optimization of Kinematics Performances of Manipulators Under Specified Task Conditions
by S. Zeghloul, B. Blanchard, and J.A. Pamanes

CHAPTER VII: Synthesis and Design - II

Dynamic Testing of Space Manipulators
by M.R. Kujath and U.O. Akpan

Design of a Manipulator for Planetary Rovers
by O. Gaudry, F. Pierrot, E. Dombre, and A. Liegeois

The Design and Control of a Novel Robot Structure with Differential Drive Units
by P.M. Taylor, J.C. Kieffer, A.J. Wilkinson, J.M. Gilbert, Q. Guo, J. Grindley, and R. Oldaker

Development of a Synchronous Motor with Three Degrees of Freedom
by T. Yano, M. Kaneko, and M. Sonoda

Design of the Fast Manipulator with Eliminated Joint Limits and Reduced Dynamic Interactions
by K. Nazarczuk

CHAPTER VIII: Synthesis and Design - III

Micro-Robot with Integrated Parallel Links
by K. Matsushima and K. Nishi

The Modelling of a Hand with 16 Degrees of Freedom Integrating Surfacic Elastic Contacts
by J.N. Gaborieau, M. Arsicault, and J.P. Lallemand

Methodical Design of New Parallel Robots Via the Lie Group of Displacements
by J.M. Herve and F. Sparacino

Vibration Control of a One Link Flexible Arm: Experimental Results
by M.M. Gola and A. Soma

CHAPTER IX: Sensing and Machine Intelligence

Sensor-Based Reactive Robot Control
by C. Zielinski and T. Zielinska

Sensing the Position of a Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle
by E. Kreuzer and F.C. Pinto

Micro-Energy Flow Beam-Shaped Microactuators and Sensors
by K. Itao, H. Hosaka, and H. Ukita

CHAPTER X: Applications and Performance Evaluation

Application of Polymer Gel to Micro-Actuator
by T. Hayashi and K. Yoshida

History-Dependent Assembly Planning
by R. Caracciolo, E. Ceresole, F. Fanton, and A. Rossi

Robotic Deburring Task Design Based on the Nature of Burr
by M. Mizukawa, E. Mitsuya, S. Ohara, S. Iwaki, S. Matsuo, T. Shakunaga, and T. Okada

Numerical Modelling of a Floating Robot
by R. Koscielny

CHAPTER XI: Biomechanical Aspects of Robots and Manipulators

Development of Actively Controlled Electra-Hydraulic Above-Knee Prostheses
by M.S. Ju, Y.F. Yang, and T.C. Hsueh

Investigation of Terrain Adaptive Control for a Walking Machine Motion
by A.V. Bogutsky

Design of the Program Regime for Biped Walking Anthropomorphic Apparatus
by V.M. Budanov and E.K. Lavrowsky

Impulsive Control for Anthropomorphic Biped
by A.M. Formalsky

Estimating Power of Walking: Methods and Instrumentation
by K. Jaworek and A. Ferenc

CAD/CAM and Robotics: A Bioengineering Application in Bone Prosthesis Realization
by X. Wen, A. Rovetta, and K. Lucchesi Cavalca

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