RoManSy 9 (1992), Udine, Italy

by T. Hayashi

CHAPTER I: Mechanics - I

New Manipulators with Simple Inverse Kinematics.
by C. Mavroidis and B. Roth

The Semigraphical Determination of ALL Real Inverse Kinematic Solutions of General Six-Revoke Manipulators
by J. Angeles and K.E. Zanganeh

An Approach to Symbolic Kinematics of Multiloop Robot Mechanisms
by P. Fanghella and C. Galetti

Analytical Form Solution of the Direct Kinematics of a 4-4 Fully in-Parallel Actuated Six Degree-of-Freedom Mechanism
by C. Innocenti and V. Parenti-Castelli

Characterization of Redundancy in Spatial Closed Kinematic Chains
by V. Sreenivasan and K.J. Waldron

Finding Collision-Free Trajectory for Redundant Manipulator by Local Information Available
by M. Galicki and A. Morecki

CHAPTER II: Mechanics - II

Some Effects of the Joint’s Drive Systems Torsional Compliances and the Velocity Profiles of the 5R Manipulator’s Dynamic Accuracy
by J. Knapczyk and A. Stepniewski

Comparing Structures of Stiffness Matrices Using Invariants
by M. Griffis and J. Duffy

Kineto - Static Analysis of Cooperative Robot Manipulators Achieving Dexterous Configurations
by P. Chiacchio, S. Chiaverini, and B. Siciliano

Geometrical Decomposition of Robot Elasticity
by H. Lipkin and T. Patterson

CHAPTER III: Mechanics - III

A Life Devoted to TMM and Robotics: Professor M.S. Konstantinov
by S. Patarinski

Multi-Criteria Optimization of Robots for Planar Trajectory Operations
by M.S. Konstantinov, P.J. Genova, and K.G. Ganchev

CHAPTER IV:  Control of Motion

Planning Motions of Robotic Systems Subject to Force and Friction Constraints with an Application to a Robotic Climber
by A. Madhani and S. Dubowsky

Feasibility of Trajectories in Cluttered Environments and Automatic Positioning of the Robot
by F. Reynier, P. Chedmail, and P. Wenger

A New Scheme for Hybrid Force-Position Control
by V. Perdereau and M. Drouin

An Adaptive Implicit Hybrid Position Force Control of Robots: Implementation Problems
by D.M. Stokic and D. Surdilovic

Parallel Computing of Symbolic Robot Models and Control Laws – Theory and Application on Advanced Multiprocessor Architectures
by N. Kircanski, T. Petrovic, and A. Timcenko

Decoupling and Suboptimal Control for Robots
by F.L. Chemousko

CHAPTER V: Sensing and Machine Intelligence

‘Dynamic’ Multi-Functional Tactile Sensing
by D.G. Caldwell and J.O. Gray

A Concurrent Interpreted Language, Including Constraints, for Robot Programming
by D. Duhaut and E. Monacelli

Flexible Controller for Robots Equipped with Sensors
by C. Zielinski

CHAPTER VI: Synthesis and Design - I

A Three Degree-of-Freedom in-Parallel Actuated Manipulator
by V. Kumar, T.G. Sugar, and G.H. Pfreundschuh

Planning Workpiece Grasp Points for Cooperating Robot Movements
by J.M. McCarthy - R.M.C. Bodduluri

Full Envelope Dexterous Manipulation
by D. Reynaerts and H. Van Brussel

Multi-Degree of Freedom Spherical Ultrasonic Motor
by S. Toyama and S. Hatae

A Spatial Fully-Parallel Manipulator
by P. Jacquet, G. Danescu, J. Carvalho, and M. Dahan

A New Approach to the Modelling of Power Grasp
by J.-N. Gaborieau, M. Arsicault, J.-P. Lallemand, and S. Zeghloul

CHAPTER VII: Synthesis and Design - II

Design of a Carbon Fiber Robot : Architectural Choices and Design Balancing
by M.M. Gola and A. Soma

A New Actuation System for High - Performance Torque – Controlled Manipulators
by R. Hohnberg, S. Dickert, and O. Khatib

Real Time Kinematics for a 6 DOF Telerobotic Joystick
by P.J. Fischer and R.W. Daniel

Structural and Kinematic Synthesis of Multi-Degree of Freedom High-Class Manipulation Devices
by U.A. Djoldasbekov, J.J. Baigunchekov, and S.M. Ibraev

CHAPTER VIII: Biomechanical Aspects of Robots and Manipulators - I

A Control Scheme for Biped Walking without Impacts
by W. Blajer and W. O. Schiehlen

Methods of Evaluation of the Power Developed in a Man’s Leg During Normal Walking
by K. Jaworek

Modelling Upper Extremity Muscles Effort under Static Working Conditions
by K. Kedzior, D. Roman, and C. Rzymkowski

Development of a Coupled Tendon Drive Manipulator with Seven Degrees –of – Freedom
by K. Yokoi, K. Komoriya, and K. Tanie

CHAPTER IX: Biomechanical Aspects of Robots and Manipulators - II

A Basic Concept of Super Rabbit
by Y. Sankai and M. Ohta

Dynamics and Control of 6-Legged Walking Machines
by H.J. Weidemann and F. Pfeiffer

CHAPTER X: Applications and Performance Evaluation

Robotics Training Station - A New Application Area in Robotics
by M. Vukobratovic, N. Kircanski, Dj. Lekovic, and T. Petrovic

Interactive Planning Using Graphical Simulation for Robot Task Programming
by F. Thomas and L. Basanez

Supervision and Sensing in Flexible Assembly
by N.W. Hardy, H.R. Nicholls, and J.J. Rowland

The Robotic Milking of Cows
by J.R. Hewit and A.G. Smith

Telemanipulation Control of a Robotic Hand with Cooperating Fingers by Means of Telepresence with a Hybrid Virtual-Real Structure
by A. Rovetta and Xia Weng

Control of Robot-Based Assembly Cell
by S. Zenkevich, A. Maximov, A. Nazarova, and A. Korshunov

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