RoManSy 8 (1990), Cracow, Poland

by M. Schiehlen

CHAPTER I: Mechanics - I

A General Solution for the Inverse Kinematics of all Series Chains
by M. Raghavan and B. Roth

Evaluation of Methods for Solving the Inverse Kinematics of Manipulators
by M. Eppinger and E. Kreuzer

On a General Model of Spatial Stiffness
by M. Griffis and J. Duffy

Identification of the NonLinear Model of Robots Arms Joints
by T. Uhl, J. Giergiel, and J.J. Kok

Theoretical and Experimental Stability Analysis of a Hybrid Position-Force Controlled Robot
by G. Stepan, A. Steven, and L. Maunder

Kinematic Resolution of Redundancy Via-Joint Space Decomposition
by A. De Luca and G. Oriolo

CHAPTER II: Mechanics - II

Rigid Body Pose and Twist Estimation in the Presence of Noisy Redundant Measurements
by J. Angeles

Dynamic Manipulability Ellipsoid for Cooperating Robots
by P. Chiacchio, S. Chiaverini, and B. Siciliano

Kinematic Behavior of Mapped Complex Joints Angles in Robot Manipulators
by E.D. Pohl and H. Lipkin

Coupled Motions of a Robot with Three Degrees of Freedom and a Common Energy Xource of Limited Power
by V.V. Lunev

Structural Synthesis, Dynamical Analysis and Experimental Investigations of MultiLink Elastic Robot Systems (Spine-Type)
by Z. Busko, J. Fraczek, and A. Morecki

Modelling and Control for Manipulative Robots with Elastic Elements
by FL. Chernousko, G.U. Pirumov, and N.N. Rogov

CHAPTER III: Mechanics - III

Direct Displacement Analysis for Some Classes of Spatial Parallel Mechanisms
by V. Parenti-Castelli and C. Innocenti

Direct Kinematic Solution of a Special Parallel Robot Structure
by P. Nanua and K.J. Waldron

Parallel Drive of Manipulator Arm
by K. Mianowski and K. Nazarczuk

Structural Investigation of Manipulators with Linear Drivers
by P. Parushev and D. Chakarov

Analysis of Special Configuration of Parallel Topology Manipulators
by Y.L. Sarkissyan and T.F. Parikyan

Force Distribution for Power Grasp in the Digits System
by K. Mirza and D.E. Orin

CHAPTER IV:  Control of Motion - I

Force-Feedback Control and Non-Contact Sensing : a Unified Approach
by B. Espiau, J.-P. Merlet, and C. Samson

Performance Evaluation of Force/Torque Feedback Control Methodologies
by D. Vischer and O. Khatib

Dynamic Models in Simulation and Synthesis of Position/Force Control of Robots
by D. Stokic, M. Vukobratovic, D. Vujic, A. Rodic, and D. Surdikovic

On the Control of Space Manipulators
by E. Papadopoulos and S. Dubowsky

NonLinear Adaptive Control of Robotic Manipulators
by H. Flashner and J.M. Skowronski

CHAPTER V:  Control of Motion - II

The Kinematic Control of an Eight-Revolute-Joint Robot Manipulator
by G.L. Long, R.P. Paul, and W.D. Fisher

A generalized Bilateral Control Applied to Master-Slave Manipulators
by C. Andriot, J. Dudragne, R. Fourier, and J. Vuillemey

Bilateral Manipulation in Computer Generated Virtual Space
by H. Iwata

Direct Compilance Control of Parallel Link Manipulators
by K. Yokoi, M. Kaneko, and K. Tanie

Robot Vibration Control Using Inertial Damping Forces
by S.H. Lee and W.J. Book

CHAPTER VI:  Control of Motion - III

Performance Evaluation in Remote Tele-Manipulation and Tele-Robotics
by R. Bicker, K. Burn, and L. Maunder

Reachable Workspace in the Presence of Obstacles - Application to Robot Path Planning in Cartesian Space
by S. Zeghloul, P. Peyrat, and J.-P. Lallemand

Collision Avoidance Control Among Moving Obstacles for a Mobile Robot on the Fuzzy Reasoning
by Y. Maeda

A Neuromorphic Suboptimal Controller for Robot Manipulators
by R. Swiniarski and M.B. Zaremba

CHAPTER VII:   Mobile Robots and Walking Machines - I

Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of Legged Robots
by F.-B. Ouezdou, V. Pasqui, P. Bidaut, and J.-C. Guinot

The Dynamic Behavior of a Simulated 3D-Biped
by J. He and M.H. Reibert

Kinematical Control of the Combined Wheeled and Legged Vehicle "Robotrac"
by M. Hiller, G. Schweitzer, and C.L. Woernle

Design and Control of Quadru-Truck Crawler Vehicle HELIOS II
by S. Hirose, S.S. Aoki, and J. Miyake

Indirect Control Method of the Motion of Walking Machine Legs
by T. Zielinska and A. Morecki

Walking Without Impacts
by A. Daberkow, J. Gao, and W. Schiehlen

CHAPTER VIII:   Mobile Robots and Walking Machines - II

Walking of a Stick Insect, Theory and Practice
by F. Pfeiffer and H.J. Weidemann

Modelling and Simulation of Walking Machine Jump Over Obstacle
by C. Rzymkowski and K. Kedzior

Theoretical Approach of Gait Transition
by S. Hamdan, J.-G. Fontaine, and M. Picard

Gait Assessment Indicator During Normal Walking
by K. Jaworek

Stability Control of Mobile Manipulators
by M.C. Wanner and K.D. Rupp

Artificial Lower Limb Prothesis with Sensors and Personalized Microprocesseur Control
by A. Rovetta and X. Wen

CHAPTER IX: Sensing and Machine Intelligence

Grasping with Mechanical Intelligence
by N. Ulrich, V. Kumar, R. Paul, and R. Bajcsy

Dynamics and Sensor-Based Control of Manipulators in Contact with the Environment
by M. Zimmermann and H. West

Incorporation of Sensors in Object-Level Robot Programming Language
by C. Zielinski

Robot Programming with ADA
by D. Duhaut, P. Bidaud, and D. Fontaine

CHAPTER X: Synthesis and Design

On a Design Method of a Master-Slave Gripper Controller
by K. Matsushima, S. Majima, and M. Kikuchi

Modelling of Elastic Robot Arms with Revolute or Prismatic Joints for High Accurate Position Control
by P.C. Muller, M. Gurgoze, and D. Soffker

Motion Analysis of the Cable-Conduit Drive System
by S. Sugano, S. Muto, and I. Kato

Robot-Manipulator Parametrized Series Construction Concept for Extreme Environments
by A.A. Lastochkin and A.M. Potapov

Structural Systemization of Orientation Robotmechanisms
by Fl. Duditza, D. Diaconescu, and R. Dahabreh

CHAPTER XI: Applications and Performance Evaluation

Robotics Applied in the Decoration of Scale Models
by L.G. Trabasso, J.R. Hewit, and A.P. Slade

Observer-Based Joint Controller Design of a Robot for Space Operation
by R. Neumann and W. Moritz

A Three Dimensional Scanner Dedicated to Robotic Safety
by M. Fayet, Ph. Balayn, and E. Niel

On the Drive Technology Choice for Robotic Servodrives
by P. Dransfield

Proceedings distributed by CISM (Udine) and Warsaw University of Technology (Warsaw)