RoManSy 7 (1988), Udine, Italy

by M. Vukobratovic

CHAPTER I:  Mobile Robots and Walking Machines - I

Mobile Robots - Customized symbolic models. Simulation and control
by K. Kircanski, M. Vukobratovic, M. Kircanski, and A. Timcenko

Gait analysis for walking machines for omnidirectional locomotion on uneven terrain
by V. Kumar and K.J. Waldron

Realization of dynamic biped walking stabilized with trunk motion
by A. Takanishi, Y. Egusa, M. Tochizawa, T. Takeya, and I. Kato

On the assessment of human locomotion
by K. Jaworek, G. Ferrigno, G.C. Santambrogio

Mobile robots : Gripping ground
by P. Bellamy and J.-C. Guinot

CHAPTER II:  Control of Motion - I

Multi-mode manual control in telerobotics
by A.K. Bejczy, B. Hannaford, and Z. Szakaly

Active control of robot arms on ramdomly moving mobile basis
by K. Bouazza-Marouf and J. Hewit

Inertial characteristics and dextrous dynamic coordination of macro/micro-manipulator systems
by O. Khatib

On the independent dynamics of manipulator systems
by P. Kiriazov and P. Marinov

Active end-effector control for robot assisted material removal
by F.W. Paul and L. Guvenc


Multicomponent force/torque-sensors in robotics
by H. Diensing, B. Heimann, and U. Schmucker

Sensor guided robot control by fuzzy logic
by R. Palm

An imaging tactile sensor for robot hand using a light conductive plate
by K. Tanie, M. Park, K. Komoriya, M. Kaneko, and N. Suzuki

Dynamic tactile sensing
by R.M. Cutkosky and R.D. Howe

Terminal link force and position control of a robot manipulator
by R.P. Paul, X. Xu, and X. Yun

CHAPTER IV:  Mobile Robots and Walking Machines - II

Evaluation of the top limit velocity for walking robots
by A.P. Bessonov, S.I. Goncharov, and N.U. Umnov

Robotic system :Elastic manipulator combined with a quadruped walking machine
by A. Morecki, Z. Busko, K. Jaworek, W. Pogorzelski, T. Zielinska, J. Fraczek, and G. Malczyk

A walking machine control
by V.B. Larin

Articulated body mobile robot
by S. Hirose and A. Morishima

CHAPTER V: Synthesis and Design - I

Mechatronics in robotics
by M.S. Konstantinov

Design of the piano playing manipulator with four-dof-thumb
by S. Sugano, H. Suzuki, O. Matsumoto, and I. Kato

Structural synthesis and systematization of grippers with redundant mobilities
by F Duditza, D. Diaconescu, and I. Staretzu

Design of a fast cartesian robot
by A.E. Samuel and K.H. Hunt

Parallel manipulators
by J.-P. Merlet

CHAPTER VI: Synthesis and Design - II

Position errors of manipuIators
by Harrison H.S. Wang, and B. Roth

A design method of three revolute open chain manipulators
by M. Ceccarelli and A. Vinciguerra

The research of manipulator model of dynamical flexibility with the method of matrix. hibridgraphs
by J. Wojnarowski and J. Swider

A compliant direct drive industrial robot arm
by R.W. Daniel and M. A. Irving

A knowledge-based task sequence planning system for maintenance manipulators
by H. Asama, K. Yokota, and H. Yoshikawa

CHAPTER VII:  Control of Motion - II

Export system for synthesis of dynamic control of manipulation robots
by D.M. Stokic, M.K. Vukobratovic, and D. Devedjic

Mobile robot computer aided teleoperation: A generalized master-slave control concept application
by R. Fournier, P. Gravez, J, Morillon, A. Detolle, and M. Dupont

Compensation of Coulomb friction in the position control of elastic robots
by J. Ackcrmann and P.C. Muller

Trajectory control for elastic manipulators
by F. Pfeiffer

Control of a light, elastic manipulation device
by H. Henrichfreise, W. Moritz, and H. Siemensmeyer

CHAPTER VIII: Mechanics - I

Spatial open Kinematic chains : Singularities, regions and subregions
by V. Parenti Castelli and C. Innocenti

A solution of the inverse kinematic problem for robots with non-intersectiong wrist axes
by M. Hiller and C. Woernle

A/K prosthesis for ascending and descending stairs
by H. Fujimoto, H. Takita, M. Arita, K. Koganezawa, and I. Kato

CHAPTER XI: Mechanics - II

Computational algorithm for identification of inertia and dissipation parameters of manipulating systems
by P. Genova, R. Kazandjieva, and K. Yankov

An analytical and experimental program to develop control algorithms for mobile manipulators
by S. Dubowsky, I. Paul, and H. West

Mechanics of robots with dynamically decoupled motions
by A.I. Korendyasev, B.L. Salamandra, and L.I. Tyves

Equations of motion for flexible multibody systems with revolute and pris-matic joints
by M. Riemer and J. Wauer

CHAPTER X: Applications and Performance Evaluation - I

Robot controller for uncertainties in modelling and tracking
by E.J. Kreuzer, W.O. Schiehlen, and E. Settelmeyer

Application and experience with software tools for the design of industrial robots
by H.J. Warnecke and W.C. Wanner

Application of shape memory alloy actuator for clean gripper
by K. Ikuta

Positioning pneumatic drive in robotics
by G.V. Krejnin

CHAPTER XI: Applications and Performance Evaluation - II

Assembly with single and double arms robots by structured logic
by A. Rovetta, R. Sala, C. Sala, D. Bugo, and F. Zecchini

Methods of maintenance of assigned parameters of multi-legged walking robot motion
by B.D. Petriashvili, V.O. Margvelashvili, and M.A. Bilashvili

Development of an instruction system for robotics and manipulators
by H. Iwata, K. Marukawa, and K. Matsushima

Planning sequences of squeeze-grasps to orient and grasp polygonal objects
by M.T. Mason, K.Y. Goldberg, and R.H. Taylor

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