RoManSy 6 (1986), Cracow, Poland

CHAPTER I: Opening Session/Jean Vertut Memorial Sesion:

The Advanced Teleoperation Project
by B. Espiau

Control and Supervision in Computer Aided Teleoperation
by P. Gravez, B. Lepers, R. Fournier, and G. Andre

The Generalized Information Feedback
Concept in Computer-Aided Teleoperation
by G. Andre and A. Fournier

An Integrated Experiment
by R. Fournier, J. P. Gaillard, N. Fiori, and B. Espiau

Analysis of a Robot Wrist Device for Mechanical Decoupling of the End-Effector Position and Orientation
by J.C. Guinot and P. Bidaud

CHAPTER II: Mechanics - I

Robot Motion: Configuration Analysis of Redundant and Non Redundant Manipulators
by M.S. Konstantinov and D.N. Nenchev

Analysis of the Positioning and Orientation Accuracy in 6R Manipulators (Direct Task)
by J. Knapczyk and A. Morecki

A Unified Approach to Modelling of Flexible Robot Arms
by J. Rauh and W. Schiehlen

Solving the Inverse Kinematic Problem for Robotic Manipulators
by L. Sciavicco and B. Siciliano

Determination of the Accuracy of Flexible Automatic Positioning Module with Clearances
by V. Natbiladze

Invariant Kinestatic Filtering
by H. Lipkin and J. Duffy

CHAPTER III: Mechanics - II

Redundant Manipulators and Kinematic Singularities
The Operational Space Approach
by O. Khatib

Modelling and Simulation of Mechanical Process in Hyperstatical Gripping with n-Contact Points
by S. Zeghloul, J. P. Lallemand, and D. Murguet

Computer Aided Modelling of Pneumo-Hydraulic Robots
by C. Rzymkowski

A Cartesian Model of Manipulator Kinematics
by M. Galicki

A Method for Solving the Inverse Problem of Kinematics of Anthropomorphic Manipulators with Spherical Wrist
by Peng Shang-xian and Wang Gang

Dynamic Equations of General Robots by Kane’s Method
by Peng Shang-xian and Wang Gang

The Role of Delay in Robot Dynamics
by G. Stepan

CHAPTER IV: Synthesis and Design - I

Smart Hand Systems for Robotics and Teleoperation
by A. K. Bejczy and B. M. Jau

A Mathematical Model of a Flexible Manipulator of the Elephant’s-Trunk-Type
by G. Malczyk and A. Morecki

Analytical Design of Two-Revolute Open Chains
by B. Roth

On a Fundamental Study of Micro Mechanical Gripper Using Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Actuator
by K. Matsushima and N. Usui

The Kinematic Design and Mass Redistribution of Manipulator Arms for Decoupled and Invariant Inertia
by H. Asada

Graphical-Interactive System for CAD and Simulation of Manipulation Systems
by L. Lilov, B. Bekjarov, M. Lorer, and V. Atanasov

CHAPTER V: Sensing and Machine Intelligence - I

Force Feedback in Telemanipulators
by R. Bicker and L. Maunder

Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of Optical Fibre Reflective Sensors for Robotics
by E. Marszalec, J. Marszalec, and A. Morecki

Task Specification and Closed Loop Control of Manipulators in the Presence of External Sensors
by R. Palm, A. Moltmann, and H.J. Horch

Adaptive Force Control of Grippers Taking into Account the Dynamics of Objects
by T. Fukuda, N. Kitamura, and K. Tanie

Bilateral Remote Control with Dynamic Reflexion
by K. Tanie, K. Komoriya, M. Kaneko, T. Ohno, and T. Fukuda

CHAPTER VI:  Control of Motion - I

Finger-Arm Coordination Control Method for Multiple Degrees of Freedom Robot
by S. Sugano and I. Kato

A Model-Based Expert System for Strategical Control Level of Manipulation Robots
by D. Stokic and M. Vukobratovic

Robot-Task Adaptability by Semi-Local Correction without Contact
by A. Jutard, T. Redarce, J. F. Chabrier, and G. Liegeois

Robot Control Synthesis in Conjunction with Moving Workpieces
by P. Kiriazov and P. Marinov

Dynamic Command Motion Tuning for Robots. A Self Learning Algorithm
by G. W. Vernon, J. Rees Jones, and G. T. Rooney

CHAPTER VII: Sensing and Machine Intelligence - II

C-Surface Theory Applied to Force-Feedback Control of Robots
by J. P. Merlet

Experimental Investigation of Active Force Control of Robot and Manipulator Arms
by G. Galatis, A. Hadzistylis, and J. R. Hewit

Automatic Grasp Planning. An Operation Space Approach
by M. T. Mason and R. C. Brost

A Method of Optical Processing in the Robot Vision
by B. Macukow

Tridimensional Optical Syntaxer
by A. Oustaloup and P. Melchior

CHAPTER VIII: Locomotion and Walking Machines

Towards Generalized Concepts and Tools for Unconventional Mobile Robots. General Languages, Mobility Modes
by J.J. Kessis, J. Penne, J. P. Rambaut, and N. Mattar

Mobile Robotic Systems for Use in Unstructured Terrain
by K.J. Waldron and S. Agrawal

Wall Climbing Vehicle Using Internally Balanced Magnetic Unit
by S. Hirose

Experimental Development of a Walking Transport Robot
by B. D. Petriashvili, M. A. Bilashvili, and V. O. Margvelashvili

Legs that Deform Elastically
by H. B. Brown Jr and M. H. Raibert

Features of Mechanisms Synthesis of Walking Robot Propelling Agents
V. V. Korenovski and A. Ja. Pogrebnjak

Avoiding Obstacles by a Mobile Robotized Vehicle
M. Badida and J. Buda

CHAPTER IX: Applications and Performance Evaluation

The Automation of the Mine Support Erection Technology with Remotely-Controlled Manipulators
by Yu. A. Tzeitlin, V. Ya. Potyomkin, and L.N. Prokopishin

Experimental Investigations of Robots and Manipulators
by B. Heimann and S. Tschakarow

Minimization of Vibrations of a Gantry Manipulator During Positioning
by K. Tomaszewski and A. Golas

Experimental Evaluation of Feedforward and Computed Torque Control
by C. H. An, C. G. Atkeson, J. D. Griffiths, and J. M. Hollerbach

Experimental Research and Development of Methods for Improving Kinematic and Dynamic Robot Characteristics
by A. N. Ananjev, E. G. Ananjeva, and E.G. Nakhapetjan

CHAPTER X: Synthesis and Design - II

Kinematics and Torque Control of Multi-Fingered Articulated Robot Hand
by A. E. Samuel and P. Ridley

Progress towards a Robotic Aid for the severely Disabled
by S. Michalowski

Logical Structures for Collision Avoidance in Assembly with Robots
by A. Rovetta

Repositioning-Unit for very Fine and Accurate Displacements Analysis and Design
by F. Artigue, C. Francois, and J. G. Pontnau

CHAPTER XI: Synthesis and Design - III

Polyarticulated Mechanical Structure for Decoupling the Position and Orientation of a Robot
by M. Fayet and A. Jutard

Application of I-Coordinates in Robotics
by A. Sh. Koliskor and V.I. Sergeyev

Design of Spring Mechanisms for Balancing the Weight of Robots
by J.M. Herve

Structural and Geometrical Systematization of Spatial Positioning Kinematic Chains Employed in Industrial Robots
by Fl. Duditza, D. Diaconescu, and Gr. Gogu

Tasks and Methods of Constructing Mechanical Facilities and Control Systems of Industrial Robots Taking into Account their Force Interaction with the Equipment
S. N. Kolpashnikov and I. B. Tchelpanov

CHAPTER VI:  Control of Motion - II

Contribution to Solving Dynamic Robot Control in Machining Process
by M. Vukobratovic and D. Vujic

An Approach to Development of Real-Time Robot Models
by N. Kircanski, M. Kircanski, M. Vukobratovic, and O. Timenko

Time-Optimal Robotic Manipulator Task Planning
by S. Dubowsky, M.A. Norris, and Z. Shiller

Time-Optimal Motions of Some Robotic Systems
by L. D. Akulenko, N. N. Bolotnik, F. L. Chernousko, and V. G. Gradetsky

Frequency Space Synthesis of a Robust Dynamic Command
by A. Oustaloup and B. Bergeon

Structure Strategy Problem on a Redundant Manipulator
by H. Asama, M. Onosato, and H. Yoshikawa

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