RoManSy 5 (1984), Udine, Italy

Biomechanical Aspects in Robotics
by A. Morecki and K. Kedzior

CHAPTER I: Mechanics

Coordinate Transformations and Inverse kinematics for Industrial Robots
by M.S Konstantinov, P.Y. Genova, V.B. Zamanov, S.P. Patarinski, and D.N. Nenchev

Industrial Robots with Recuperation of Mechanical Energy
by K.V. Frolov, A.I. Korendiasev, B.L. Salamandra, and L.I. Tyves

On the Optimal Selection and Placement of Manipulators
by V. Scheinman and B. Roth

On the Geometry of Orthogonal and Reciprocal Screws
by H. Lipkin and J. Duffy

Trajectory Planning for Redundant Manipulators in the Presence of Obstacles
by M. Kircanski and M. Vukobratovic

Implementation of Highly Efficient Analytical Robot Models on Microcomputers
by M. Vukobratovic and N. Kircanski

Computer-aided Generation of Multibody-system Equations
by R. Scbwertassek and R.E. Roberson

Equations of Motion and Equations of Stress for Robots and Manipulators: An Application of the NEWEUL Formalism
by E.J. Kreuzer and W.O. Schiehlen

Modelling of Artificial Manipulators and Computer Simulation of their Dynamics
by T. Kawase, H. Nakano, and R. Magoshi

Dynamics of Robots and Manipulators Involving Closed Loops
by T.R. Kane and H. Faessler

CHAPTER II:  Control of Motion

Non-adaptive Dynamic Control for Manipulation Robots: Invited Survey Paper
by M. Vukobratovic and D. Stokic

Robot Motion Control in Multi-operation assembly
by D.E. Okbotsimsky and S.S. Kamynin

Some Considerations on Feedback Strategy for Assembly Robots
by J.-P. Merlet

Optimal Dynamic Trajectories for Robotic Manipulators
by S. Dubowsky and Z. Shiller

Approximative Models in Dynamic Control of Robotic Systems
by M. Vukobratovic and D. Stokic

Keyboard Playing by an Anthropomorphic Robot: Fingers and Arm Model and its Control System of WAM-7R
by S. Sugano, J. Nakagawa, Y. Tanaka, and I. Kato

Control of Two Coordinated Robots by Using an Only-kinematic Model
by P. Dauchez, A. Fournier, and R. Zapata

A Method for Time-optimal Control of Dynamically Constrained Manipulators
by P. Kiriazov and P. Marinov

Bracing Strategy for Robot Operation
by W.J. Book, S. Le, and V. Sangverapbunsiri

Robot Control and Computer Languages
by R.P. Paul and V. Hayward

Robust Control for Industrial Robots
by H. Bremer and A. Truckenbrodt

Controlling a Six-degrees-of-freedom Welding Robot along a Randomly Oriented Seam with Reduced Sensor Information
by A. Micaelli and J.M. Detriche

Principles and Algorithms for Industrial Robots Remote Automatic Control
by V.S. Kuleshov, Yu V. Poduraev, and V.N. Shvedov

CHAPTER III:  Man-Intelligent Machine Systems

Manual Control Communication in Space Teleoperation
by A.K. Bejczy and K. Corker

Sensory-based Control for Robots and Teleoperators
by B. Espiau and G. Andre

Tele-existence (I): Design and Evaluation of a Visual Display with Sensation of Presence
by S. Tachi, K. Tanie, K. Komoriya, and M. Kaneko

New Approach to Robotic Visual Processing
by B. Macukow

Representing Three-dimensional Shape
by M. Brady and A. Yuille

An Electropneumatic Actuation System for the Utah/MIT Dextrous Hand
by S.C. Jacobsen, D.F. Knutti, K.B. Biggers, E.K. Iversen, and J.E. Wood

Sensor-aided and/or Computer-aided Bilateral Teleoperator System (SCATS)
by J. Vertut, R. Fournier, B. Espiau, and G. Andre

CHAPTER IV: Synthesis and Design

Mechanical and Geometric Design of the Adaptive Suspension Vehicle
by K.J. Waldron, S. Song, S. Wang, and V.J. Vohnout

Geometrical and Kinematical Qualitative Characteristics for Functional Capacities of Manipulation Systems
by L. Lilov and B. Bekjarov

Manipulation Devices Based on High-class Mechanisms
by U.A. Djoldasbekov, L.I. Slutskii, and J.J. Baiguncbekov

Synthesis and Design of Mechanical Hands for Robots with Application of Computer-aided Design
by A. Rovetta

A New Design Method of Servo-actuators Based on the Shape Memory Effect
by S. Hirose, K. Ikuta, and Y. Umetani

Coverage Optimization of Articulated Manipulators
by G. Fraize, J. Vertut, and R. Hugon

CHAPTER V: Biomechanics and Motion Locomotion

Study of Propelling Agents Construction Features of Orthogonal Walking Robots by Using Plane Mechanisms
by V.S. Balbarov, A. Bessonov, and N.V. Umnov

A Hierarchically Structured System for Computer Control of a Hexapod Walking Machine
by R.B. McGhee, D.E. Orin, D.R. Pugh, and M.R. Patterson

Realization of Plane Walking by the Biped Walking Robot WL-1OR
by A. Takanishi, G. Naito, M. Isbida, and I. Kato

Hexapod Walking Robots with Artificial Intelligence Capabilities
by J.J. Kessis, J.P. Rambaut, J. Penne, R. Wood, and N. Mattar

Legged Locomotion Machine Based on the Consideration of Degrees of Freedom
by M. Kaneko, M. Abe, S. Tachi, S. Nishizawa, K. Tanie, and K. Komoriya

Trotting and Bounding in a Planar Two-legged Model
by K.N. Murphy and M.H. Raibert

CHAPTER VI: Applications and Performance Evaluation

Determination of Important Design Parameters for Industrial Robots from the Application Point of View: Survey Paper
by R.D. Schraft and M.C. Wanner

Automatic Assembly by Reference Searching and Position Adjustment before Insertion
by F. Artigue and C. Francois

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