RoManSy 4 (1981), Zaborow, Poland

CHAPTER I: Mechanics

A theory of parts mating for assembly automation
by M.S. Ohwovoriole and B. Roth

Concept of manipulation robots simulator
by M. Vukobratovic and V. Cvetkovic

Influence of the control on the structure of a manipulator from a kinematic point of view
by B. Gorla

Optimal control of damping of vibration in robotic manipulator
by L. Markus

CHAPTER II:  Control of Motion

Dynamic coordination of robot movement
by J.R. Hewit and N. Tan

On the dynamics of computer controlled robotic manipulators
by S. Dubowsky

A procedure for interactive dynamic control synthesis of manipulators
by M Vukobratovic, D. Stokic, and M. Kircanski

Modelling and control of flexible manipulator structures
by A. Truckenbrodt

Development and experimentation of a high accuracy position control for service manipulators
by R. Molfino Cepolina, G.M. Acaccia, and C. Marcantoni Taddei

An experimental formula for linear hand movements and its applications to machine motion
by K. Ogawa and M. Mori

Fault detection and error recoveryin robotic systems
by E. Dombre, P. Rives, A. Lieggeois, A. Fournier, and P. Coiffet

Algorithm of the logical action planner for a simple robot
by J. Kawecki

Small-sized robot with high positioning accuracy
by K. Nishimoto, T. Uchiyama, K. Tamamushi, and T. Akita

Contribution to optimal control of an industrial robot
by B. Heimann, H. Loose, and G. Schuster

CHAPTER III: Synthesis and Design

Contribution to the computer-aided design of industrial manipulators
by M. Vukobratovic, V. Potkonjak, and D. Hristic

On the functional analysis of mechanical arms for robots
by A. Rovetta

Servo micro-manipulator “Tiny-Micro Mark-l”
by K. Matsushima and H. Koyanagi

On a development of pneumatically powered industrial robots
by G.V. Krejnin

Design studies on a robotic device for ultrasonic inspection
by W.J. Book and V. Sangveraphunsiri,

Adaptive robot performed assembly
by S. Kaczanowski and A. Aderek

CHAPTER IV: Computer Enhanced Teleoperation

Using proximity sensors in computer enhanced telemanipulation
by B. Espiau and G. Andre

Generalization of bilateral force-reflecting control of manipulators
by A.K. Bejczy and M. Handlykken

The MAT-l; a computer enhanced remote manipulator for severely handicapped operators
by J. Guittet, H.H. Kwee, and J. Vertut

Short transmission delay in a force reflective bilateral manipulator
by J. Vertut, A. Micaelli, P. Marchal, and J. Guittet

CHAPTER V: Locomotion

Dynamic computer simulation of robotic mechanisms
by D.E. Orin and R.B. McGhee

Walking robot multi-level architecture and implementation
by J.J. Kessis, J.P. Rambaut, and J. Penne

The relationship between actuator geometry and mechanical efficiency in robots
by K.J. Waldron and G.L. Kinzel

A design method of control for biped walking machine
by F. Miyazaki and S. Arimoto

An active cord mechanism with oblique swivel joints and its control
by S. Hirose, S. Oda, and Y. Umetani

The realization of the quasi dynamic walking by the biped walking machine
by T. Kato, A. Takanishi, H. Ishikawa, and I. Kato

Dynamic stability and resonance in a one legged hopping machine
by M.H. Raibert

Reduced order dynamic models for computer analysis of human gait
by A. Morecki, S. Koozekanani, R. McGhee, E. Johnson, K. Jaworek, J. Olszewski, and S. Rahmani

CHAPTER VI: Applications and Performance Evaluation

Workspace and maneuvrability criteria for robots
by M.S. Konstantinov and P.J. Genova

Application and selection of part feeders for manipulator workshop places
by G. Mittag and S. Hesse

Self adaptative arc-welding operation by means of an automatic joint following system
by P. Marchal, J. Cornu, and J.M. Detriche

Experimental tests of industrial robots' mechanisms
by A.N. Ananiev and E.G. Nakhapetjan

Application of industrial robots and manipulators developed in Vukov Presov
by M. Havrila, M. Strojny, and J. Zan

Application of micro-computers in flexible storing technology
by H.J. Warnecke and B. Graf

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