RoManSy 3 (1978), Udine, Italy

CHAPTER I: Mechanics

A mathematical approach to the problem of force distribution in locomotion and manipulation systems containing closed kinematic chains
by D.E. Orin and Y. Oh

The optimization of manipulator performance and actuation by interactive computing
by R.J. Williams and A. Seireg

Adaptive control of a robot hand with elastic fingers for mechanical assembly
by H. Hanafusa and A. Asada

On the grasping process for objects of irregular shape
by G. Bianchi and A. Rovetta

Features of kinematics of turn of walking vehicles
by A.P. Bessonov and N.V. Umnov

CHAPTER II: Biomechanical of Motion

Concept of anthropomorphism in description of androidal robots
by A. Morecki and J. Ekiel

Intention control of the mechanical arm prosthesis
by Y. Okada and I. Kato

A Micro-computer-controlled artificial joint
by W. Flowers, D. Rowell, M. Tanquary, and H. Cone

Coordination and biomechanics of muscles in human locomotion
by C. Frigo and A. Pedotti

CHAPTER III: Synthesis and Design

Dimensional synthesis of manipulators
by B.E. Shimano and B. Roth

Design of anthropomorphic manipulator for industrial application
by M.M. Vukobratovic and D. Hristic

Some experimental walking machines
by M.W. Thring

Application of bond graphs to the synthesis and analysis of telechirics and robots
by J.E.E. Sharpe

CHAPTER IV: Control of Motion - Manipulation

Cartesian coordinate control of robots in joint coordinates
by R. Paul

Decoupled feedback contro1 of robot and manipulator arms
by J.R. Hewit and J. Padovan

Dynamic control of manipulators operating in a complex environment
by O. Khatib and J.-F. Le Maitre

Controllability of an electro-pneumatic manipulator
by P.J. Drazan and J.M. Zarek

Manipulation of large objects
by A.K. Bejczy

CHAPTER V: Control of Motion - Leg Locomotion

Real-time computer control of a hexapod vehicle
by R.B. McGhee, C.S. Chao, V.C. Jaswa, and D.E. Orin

Quasi dynamic walking of biped walking machine aiming at completion of steady walking
by K. Ogo, A. Ganse, and I. Kato

Some consideration on a feasible walking mechanism as a terrain vehicle
by S. Hirose and Y. Umetani

CHAPTER VI: Sensors and Artificial Intelligence

A grammatical approach to automatic sensor control of artificial arms
by R.F. Farnum, A. Freedy, M. Solomonow, and J. Lyman

A modular system for digital imagining sensors for industrial vision
by J.P. Foith, H. Geisselmann, U. Lubbert, and H. Ringhauser

Optimal manipulator control on the base of actual information of movement limitation
by B. Macukow and R. Gawronski

Analysis of industrial robot behaviour
by W.B. Heginbotham, M. Dooner, and D.N. Kennedy

CHAPTER VII: Man-Machine Systems

Proposition for “A micro-processor-based telemanipulator system”
by J. Guittet and M. Parent

A contribution to the biomechanics of master-s1ave manipulators
by K.V. Frolov and A.E. Kobrinskii

CHAPTER VIII: Applications

Vehicles with wheels and legs. The in pipe remote inspection vehicle and his family
by J. Vertut, P. Marchal, Y. Corfa, and D. Francois

The role of manipulators for under-water activities offshore
by I. Datta and C. Kuo

Manipulators for severely handicapped - control philosophy and applications
by E. Schmalenbach, H.-J. Kuppers, and H. Roesler

Computer graphics planning of industrial robot application
by H.-J. Warnecke, R.D. Schraft, and U. Schmidt-Streier

Level control of automatic pouring system for cast iron
by M. Fujie and H. Yamamoto

Adaptive control of technological industrial robots for welding
by G.A. Spynu, V.T. Antonenko, and V.G. Timoshenko

The 8th International Symposium on Industrial Robots - A Summary
by H.-J. Warnecke and R.D. Schraft


The theory of robots
by M.W. Thring

The role of dynamics and simplified control algorithms
by M.M. Vukobratovic

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