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Some problems in modern biocybernetics and biomedical engineering
by M. Nalecz

Mathematical and computer models of interconnected mechanical systems
by A. Liegois, U. Khali1, J.M. Dumas, and M. Renaud

Ranges of motion of manipulators
by B. Shimano and B. Roth

Characterisation of strength and stiffness constrainte on manipulator control
by W.J. Book

Reduced variational problems in the transitional dynamics of robots
by M.S. Konstantinov and P.I. Genova

Some identification problems of structure and control of human movements
by A. Morecki, Z. Busko, K. Kedzior, K. Wolski, K. Fidelus, and J. Morawski

Choice of geometric parameters of walking machines
by A.P. Bessonov and N.W. Umnov

Development of myoelectric control system for an above-knee prosthesis
by I. Kato, H. Morita, and T. Onozuka

A computer-aided method to design a manipulator
by H.J. Warnecke and R.D. Schraft

Consideration of the design of the Olivetti Sigma: An industrial robot for the manufacturing industries
by M. Salmon

A microcomputer aided prosthesis control
by A. Freedy, J. Lyman, and M. Salomonov

Algorithmic system for robot’s motion simulation
by M.V. Aristova, M.B. Ignatiev, and V.M. Prokhorov

Electronic logic control of pneumatic actuation
by J.N. Fawcett and J.R. Hewit

Recent developments in the design of a novel electro-pneumatic robot
by P.J. Drazan, M.F. Jeffery, and J.M. Zarek

New method of motion synthesis and its application to artificial skeletal activity
by M. Vukobratovic, D. Bristic, and D. Stokic

Four-legged walking machine
by K. Taguchi, K. Ikeda, and S. Matsumoto

Control of macro-model to simulate human level walking .
by T. Yamashita, K. Kabashima, and Y. Sakatani

Hydraulically powered lower-limb orthosis
by J.W. Hill

Synergetic control principle of anthropomorphic movements
by M. Vukobratovic, D. Stokic, D. Hristic, and N. Gluhajic

On the head manipulator for bilateral shoulder disarticulated children
by J.K. Ober, J. Leonhard, and A. Ogorkiewicz

Engineering in medical rehabilitation of patients with paresis of extremities
by M. Weiss and B. Kwiatkowski

Walker’s motion control
by D.E. Okhotsimsky and A.K. Platonov

A mathematical programming approach to control of joint positions and torques in legged locomotion systems
by R.B. McGhee and D.E. Orin

Computer control of multi-task exoskeleton for paraplegics
by J. Grundmann and A. Seireg

Kinematic control of active cord mechanism with tactile sensors
by S. Hirose and Y. Umetani

Learning system for optimal movement control with minimum error criterion
by R. Gawronski and B. Macukow

A single master-multiple slaves manipulator with penalty invariance
by M. Petternella and S. Salinari

Fast vision for a low cost computer controlled robot
by A.H. Bond

Reduction of information in optical sensors of industrial robots
by J. Bretschi, M. Konig, and A. Schief

Force sensing in robots and manipulators
by C.R. Flatau

Advance of the new MA 23 force reflecting manipulator system
by J. Vertut, J. Charles, P. Coiffet, and M. Petit

Principles governing the design and motion of sensing robots
by I.I. Artobolevskii, A.A. Kobrinskii, A.E. Kobrinskii, A.I. Korendyasev, B.L. Salamandra, V.I. Sergeyev, and L.I. Tyves

Application of the inferring circuits in the robot’s control systems
by J. Kawecki

The role of problem solving in cognitive robotic systems
by I.M. Havel and O. Stepankova

A logical framework for robot programming
by M. Colombetti and E. Pagello

Problem solving and automatic emergency recovery: towards the design of intelligent robots
by P. Corti, G. Gini, M. Gini, and M. Somalvico

Further results on monitored finite state machines
by E. Lodi and F. Luccio

Manipulators for tetraplegics in adapted environments
by H. Roesler and V. Paeslack

Modelling supervisory control of robots
by T.B. Sheridan

Principles and experience of application of sensitized robots supervisory control
by S.I. Novatohenco, V.A. Pavlov, N.S. Teleshev, and E.J. Yurevich

Allocation of control between man and computer in remoto manipulation
by A.K. Bejczy

Method of control of industrial robots for arc welding
by G.A. Spinu, G.A. Linkin, and G.I. Sergatsky

Electromechanical robot systems for the automation of manufacturing process
by E.I. Yurevich

Automation of production process based on the use of industrial robots
by P.N. Belyanin

Telechiric mining
by M.W. Thring

Applications, social impacts, education and training
by H.J. Warnecke, G. Herrmann, and G. Lundstrom

The artificial appendage game
by J.F. Engelberger

On the study of the standardization of terminology and symbols related to industrial robots in Japan
by K. Hasegawa, K. Matsushima, and T. Kaneko

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