RoManSy 1 (1973), Udine, Italy

Volume I

The State of the Art in the Field of Robots and Manipulators
by Prof. A.E. Kobrinskii

Robots and Manipulators
by Prof. M.W. Thring

CHAPTER I:  Walking Machines

The analysis of gaits in six-legged vehicles according to their static stability
by A.P. Bessonov and N.V. Umnov

Information-Power machine with senses and limbs –WABOT
by I. Kato and Group of Bio-Engineering (Waseda University)

An interactive computer-control system for a quadruped robot
by R.B. McGhee and D.E. Orin

A study on stability of bipedal locomotion
by T. Yamashita and H. Yamada

CHAPTER II: Kinematics and Dynamics

A generalized method for solving a group of problems referring to the dynamics of manipulators with an electromechanical servo drive
by I.I. Artobolevskii and A.G. Ovakimov

A kinematical algorithm and dynamical point mass simulation applied in robots and manipulators
by M.S. Konstantinov

On the design of computer controlled manipulators
by B. Roth, J. Rastegar, and V. Scheinman

CHAPTER III: Biomechanics of Motion

Biomechanics of walking upstairs
by A. Capozzo and T. Leo

Biomechanical principles of constructing artificial walking systems
by V.S. Gurfinkel and S.V. Fomin

On analysis and synthesis of distribution of drives in live manipulators and pedipulators
by A. Morecki and K. Fidelus

Medical manipulators - general considerations on the design criteria of manipulative technical aids for quadriplegics
by V. Paeslack and H. Roesler

Biomechanical study of serpentine locomotion
by Y. Umetani and S. Hirose

Kinematic features of human arm in “operator-manipulator” system
by B. Vinogradov

CHAPTER IV: Man-Machine Systems

The application of sensory information and multi-function learning to autonomous manipulator control
by A. Freedy, F. Hull, G. Weltman, and J. Lyman

Analysis of quality of manipulator manual control
by A.E. Kobrinskii et al.

Manipulators for supporting and substituting lost functions of human extremities
by A. Morecki et al.

Design of master-slave manipulators: biotechnical aspects
by E.P. Popov and N.A. Lakota

Normalization of walking on prothesis with an external power source
by Y. Yu. Shishmarev et al

Logical control of robots
by R. Tomovic

Man-machine interaction in intelligent robotic system
by G. Weltman and A. Freedy

Contribution to analyse manipulator morphology coverage and dexterity
by J. Vertut

Volume II

CHAPTER V: Artificial Intelligence

The concept of the structure of highest levels control in robot manipulators
by M.V. Aristova and M.B. Ignatiev

Abstract algebraic description methods of a functioning process of some kind of adaptive robots
by M.V. Artiushenko, A.I. Kukhtenko, and V.N. Semenov

Computer manipulator control, visual feedback and related problems
by A. Gill, R. Paul, and V. Scheinman

Monitored finite state machines
by F. Luccio

An optical sensor for locating objects without marks or contact
by E. Muhlenfeld

Sensory devices for industrial manipulators and tools
by J.R. Parks

On definition of artificial intelligence
by A.N. Radchenko and E.I. Yurevich

Design studies on industrial robots
by M.W. Thring

CHAPTER VI: Applications

Impacts of telemation on modern society
by A.D. Alexander III

The applications of the remote control of the manipulator in manned space exploration
by S. Deutsch and T.B. Malone

Remotely manned systems for operation and exploration in space
by E. Heer

Problems in selection of design parameters affecting manipulator performance
by D.A. Kugath and D.R. Wilt

Criteria for evaluation of kinematic characteristics of master-slave manipulators and a method for the study of their space performance
by G.I. Lukishov and Yu. V. Miloserdin

The synthesis and scaling of advanced manipulator systems
by G. R. Flatau

CHAPTER VII:  Control of Motion

Master-slave remote-control manipulator
by V.P. Dorokhov

New developments in synergic rate control of manipulators
by M. Gavrilovic and M. Maric

Robot and manipulator slave from control viewpoint
by V.S. Kuleshov and V.N. Shvedov

Kinematics and rate control of the Rancho arm
by M.L. Moe

The force vector assembler concept
by J.L. Nevins and D.E. Whitney

Articulated manipulators and integration of control software
by K. Sato, K. Okamoto, K. Takase, and H. Inoue

On modeling performance of open-loop mechanisms
by T.B. Sheridan

Dynamics and control of anthropomorphic active mechanisms
by M. Vukobratovic

Robot vision as a factor in the control of motion
by J.F. Young

Survey Paper

Industrial robots - problems of design and application
by H. J. Warnecke

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